Community Board

Generate New Customers for less than 1 $ per day.

Do you have business cards?
Are you seeking new clients?
Are you tired of costly advertising?

If you said yes to at least two of those questions....this is a great opportunity for you and your business!

While your prospective customers are waiting for at least 3–5 minutes
at one of our strategically placed high traffic locations he/she will a have nothing to do but look at our community board.
Your captive audience will find the service that interests them, take a card and have it with them to contact you. They are in the market for your business,
or they wouldn't have taken your card! Unlike most other advertising...your prospect will have all of your information to find you, call you and use your business!

How does less than $1/day compare to your current forms of promoting your business?

What if you only gained 2-3 new clients per month or even quarter?
Wouldn’t it be worth less than $1/day?

95% of the advertising you distribute through traditional methods will not be seen and be thrown away.

100% of the cards and brochures taken from this profit center will be in the hands of people interested in your business.

The following is a list of our Board locations:
Mackinaw Brewing Co.
Right Brain Brewery

Display boards at select area high traffic locations will host space for your business cards/offer.

For $250 per year, your slot will hold 250 business cards and can be taken one at a time with the rest remaining neatly in place. The boards are neat and professional and are serviced weekly. If you, your business or school district is interested in hearing more about this opportunity, please do one of the following:

1) Submit an email
2) Call: 231.633.1388